Short Films

My New YouTube Channel

Hi everybody, I am happy to inform that I now have a YouTube channel.

It has been open for a while, but unfortunately it took some time to announce. As I have been trying to find a solution to showcasing the videos onto my website as a new category.

While I’m still searching for the answer, here are the links below to view my videos from YouTube. I will announce in the near future when my films are ready to watch from the main website.

The short films are the result of me attempting cinematic film making. A process I have been learning since spring 2017. In which I have been practising various styles, such as time lapse photography and general film making techniques.

I am very happy with the results of the first three films so far. But still have lots to learn and to practice. Including the art of drone photography and film making. More films are planned to be made this year and will be added on later on in 2019.

For now please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you wish to follow and if you enjoy any of my videos then please click like on your favourite film.